Ballet Exams

Guess what everyone????!!! I got Merit on the Intermediate Foundation exam!! Although that might not sound that great, it really is because, even one of my teachers best students, who had the same examiner as us, only got a pass! Also, I just took my grade six exam and even though when I was dancing my scarf got caught on  my face I still think I did great. If you get the highest marks out of your class you get a solo in our performance that is coming up so cross your fingers because I’m still waiting for my results. Bless you all who prayed for me for my last exam.

Ida B

I have just finished a heartwarming story called Ida B. This book is about a curious  girl who is very original and lives a carefree life on a small farm. But when life goes far beyond wrong and her heart turns rock hard she does what shes told but she does not like it. As Ida B goes through this hard time she takes her anger out on others and tries to avoid any contact with fun.

I think Ida B and I are quite similar. Sometimes when I’m angry I can’t help but take my anger out on others and try to be act as miserable and stubborn as I can be, but then again you should at least try to stay on the bright side. Also Ida B loves to be by herself which I think is kind of relaxing from time to time.

In the beginning of the book Ida is a bubbly girl who always has to have some kind of plan but as the book goes on her feelings take hold of her and she becomes quite rude. In the end the hardness in her heart slowly melts away and she realizes she might as well make the best of her life.



I take ballet with the British Dance Academy of America, so every year you have to pass an exam to go onto the next level. A lady flies in from England and watches us dance and she can give us distinction which is the highest, merit if we did a good job, and pass if you did an OK job, but you can still fail and take dance classes through the summer and the exam later.This Thursday is my exam for intermediate foundation and I will be doing an open Onshamone, all our exercises, and pointe. I’m really nervous so please wish me luck!